Super Rare to Ultra Rare Evolutions

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Super Rare to Ultra Rare Evolutions

Post by k0l3 on Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:56 am

I can't find anywhere a chart showing the evolution from SR+ to UR cards, is there any?

Starting to look for better cards and how they evolve. I'm pretty much convinced the highest star cards are only shown on it's very rarity level (for instante: best Super Rare cards aren't the one evolved from Rare + but starts as SR, so they're pretty much harders to get) is that accurate?

Also, what's the best way to fetch higher UR cards? Gold Packages (120 or 200 gems), Devil's Castle?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Super Rare to Ultra Rare Evolutions

Post by DawnWolf on Wed Aug 13, 2014 12:38 pm

Craftable cards exist only to aim newer players, but the best cards are not obtained through crafting them. The highest ctaftable card you can find (currently) is SR (not even SR+ !) so yeahh... after you've gotten the better cards you can only keep those as material!

All descent cards in this game have only one evolution and aren't normally created from other cards (exception with fusion cards)

UR: Can be obtained in three ways:

1. Gold packs (and gold tickets... they have the same chance to give you UR!):
Gold packs: when there is no discount the best pack is the 120 gems pack, but in general you should save gems and use them in discounts only. (The latest gave 10 cards for 175 gems -or 17.5 gems each card-... lowest price I've seen so far!)
Gold tickets: can be found in game through playing. If you can do at least 10% damages on each Hellboss you'll get 1 ticket as reward (that makes 6 tickets the lest every week if you participate in all of them). Tickets can also be found in Silver and gold chests on DC (Devil's castle won't give you UR cards from chests, but it gives tickets).

2. HellBoss (top ranks). There is a chance for UR if you end in top 200 damage. You definitely get UR in ranks 1-30 damage.

3. Fusion: It gives UR if you fuse a certain ards and material cards. It's the last of the three ways to obtain an UR that you'll ever use (because it requires you to have some prior material from the other two ways I mentioned before)
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