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Post by oviedocheer on Thu Oct 01, 2015 11:15 pm

Just wondering how you would get UR 10 cards, without spending actual money.  If that is the only way to get them, that is not fair for players like me, as I have no money for them:(  Also, how do you use the orbs or the orb pieces.  Thank you very much in advance


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Post by DawnWolf on Sat Oct 03, 2015 1:53 am

There are several ways to get 10* cards in the game without paying.

First of all, there aren't many card packs that you have to pay for directly with real money. Most of the times you just need to buy gems, and then use them for packs. It might take longer, but you can always use the item shop with gems that you have collected in game.

So the first method is the item shop, with gems. The chances to get 10* cards are really slim though. It might require several packs before you get something that worths.

The second is participating in battle or/and hellboss when 10* cards are the weekly rewards. Aparently, aiming for the top 10 spots that can give you a guaranteed 10* card requires that you already have a strong party (probably a full 10* party). There is a chance though for the top 200. If you have 9* cards from transform you should at least be able to try aiming for those spots. Again the chances are low and it might require several trials until you actually get one.
Also if you decide to try this, I would suggest you check into the official forum to see if the weekly reward is a new card. When new cards are introduced getting into high rankings is a lot harder, so depending on your current status you might want to avoid them.

Finally you can get 10* cards through fusion. There are actually some 10* cards that are available ONLY through fusion and cannot be found anywhere else in the game. In fusion you practically need to combine 4 specific cards to make another one. The material you will need for the 10* cards are orbs and 9* cards (you can see the exact cards you need if you go to "menu"-->"fuse"-->"Fuse Info"). This is the only way that you can get a guaranteed 10* card if you can't get in the top 10 in battle or hellbosses, but I warn you that it is really tedious, because of the orbs.

How to obtain the orbs: So the material you need are premium orbs. To make them you need to fuse. You start by using fuse on 4 shards of the same color to make an orb, and then you need to fuse 4 orbs to make a premium orb (basically you need 16 shards of the same color to make one premium orb). Now, if you also want to evolve your 10* card, you will probably need to fuse 2 copies of that card, which means that for one UR10+ card you will need 32 shards of each required color... Yeah... Don't rely on the daily dungeons for getting all those shards... try finding some extra shards in DC or Lysis if you want 10* fusable cards anytime soon :p .

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