Battle Coins and Battle Items

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Battle Coins and Battle Items

Post by Jehye on Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:36 am

Hello! I just started playing Spirit Stones last week so bear with me as I don’t know much yet.

What are the battle items for? I know it helps you to become stronger and such but I haven’t tried it yet not even once. What do they actually do and how do they help you in the battle?

So far I only have 2 loses and 81 wins.


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Re: Battle Coins and Battle Items

Post by DawnWolf on Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:48 am


When you say battle items, do you mean the buffs you purchase with battle coins?

If that is the case, they are just buffs. So The first one adds to your attack, the second one adds to your HP.

The last two are more expensive but better.
One gives you two skill blocks at the beginning of a battle (it can either be two swords, two bombs or two arrows), which can be proved really useful.

Finally the last one douples the battle points you get.
So you have seen that depending on which win streak you are you get a specific amount of battle points that are used in the rankings? Well the last buff doubles exactly that. Though you shouldn't be wasting this buff on any battle. If, for example, one of the first battles normally gives you 20 points, with the buff it will only give you 40 points. The later battles can give you over 400 points without the buff (so over 800 with the buff.... and that's in a single battle!). So as you can see this buff is not worth using for the first couple of battles. I usually use it for streaks 6,7 and 8 only.

If you meant something else with battle items, or if you have any other questions let me know. Smile
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