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Post by shauni16 on Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:34 am

Hi! I've got a problem. The game on my tablet crashed (there is a blackscreen while turning it on and it hangs or throws me out of the game). I tried to transfer it to the memory card, because I thought that I don't have enough place, but nothing happens. Is it possible to get access to my account after reinstalation? Thanks for your answer.


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Reinstalation... Empty Re: Reinstalation...

Post by DawnWolf on Fri Jan 23, 2015 1:17 pm

Normally, you should have your account connected to facebook, and that would have saved your progress. If you haven't done that, as far as I know, they usually ask you to make a new account, and transfer your data, there (you will have the name of the new acocunt). You should contact support here:

The proccess that you will be asked to do might be different. Also keep in mind that support won't contact you during the weekend. Good luck!
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