Battle questions

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Battle questions

Post by Neenia on Sat Feb 01, 2014 5:45 pm

Hi Guys! I have a question on battling. What is the trick to getting a high weekly or daily battle score?

I have been battling every time my battle stamina regens, which is about once every 3 hours (189 stamina), which would lead to a max of 120 per day. I see people on the daily rankings with very high totals. For example one person is at 2390 daily, another person is 810 daily,and there are quite a few in the 400 range. Is there a trick to this or something simple that I am missing? I don't want to use money to purchase wines. I saw it mentioned in the battle info page that hearts can be used, but I don't where to do that.

Thanks for any help! BTW level 41 currently, if anyone wants to add as friend my code is B3571890.


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Re: Battle questions

Post by DawnWolf on Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:20 pm

Step one:
You can try making a low cost party. There are some SR cards such as Jean, Mika or Lucia that have a cost of 16-18. If you use 7 of those cards your party would cost 112 - 126 and you can add as an eighth card aprentice sorceress +++ which only costs 5. Like that (considering that you have more than 225 overall stamina - so add friends) you should be able to attack twice without using wine (perhaps only use a couple of hearts).
Step two:
Have many wines. Even with two attacks per wine it requires a lot of them! (You can acquire some in DC)
Step three:
Make sure you don't attack for emblems. If someone uses a safe it would count as loss even if you win. Don't risk it.

Though to be honest I really think Battle as a waste of time. You have to spend tons of wines to get only one envelope per week (IF you can get it!). As a result you might not even get the reward card. HellGate is much better. If you're in a team you get much more envelopes every week. But for those who are interested in battle the three suggestions above are the only ones I can think to help you. (And to make a proper party it would take TOO long - so good luck!!!)
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