Q1. Why dont people Respond to friend requests? Q2. Can I Battle Only once?

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Q1. Why dont people Respond to friend requests? Q2. Can I Battle Only once?

Post by Klive on Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:03 am

Q.1. I have encountered atleast 15 people during quests now,From high to low level,I send requests but no one has responded yet!!

Why is that?

This effectively shuts down my chances of playing Hell gate :s

Q.2. I realised when i play battles My whole stam gets saped in single battle! Is there any way to prevent this? and use it more judiciously?


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Re: Q1. Why dont people Respond to friend requests? Q2. Can I Battle Only once?

Post by DawnWolf on Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:37 pm


A.1. Higher level players you encountered: probably already have the 30 friends they are limited to have, so they can't really add you. Also players that are higher level than you probably won't accept from random invitations.

The same or lower level players: Either abandoned the game or don't know how to accept friends yet :p ...

Overall players that know the game probably won't have random ppl at their friendlist. You say that it shuts your chances of playing HG. Though the only HG you should be concerned about is the level 12 HG! Having a lot of higher level friends it's possible that they will snipe your rewards, when you won't be able to compete...

Usually ppl might form teams and communicate through a different app to do HGs more effectively, but mostly in later levels....

A.2. Each card you use has a specific cost. (E.x. apprentice sorceress costs 5). The cost of each card is summed up. So if (for example) you have 8 aprentice sorceress in your battle party, it will cost you 8x5= 40 cost. S,o that, will be the stamina you use each time you attack. If your overall stamina was 80 you could actually attack twice! Now of course decent cards have cost more than 15 each, so attacking twice (at least with your current cards) is out of a question. I really think of battle as a waste of time but you could use this suggestion on HG too:

Arrange your cost so you only need a small amount of hearts to refill at the point where you can use your party again! Ex. With a stamina of 200 points when using a party with the cost of 105 (200-105=95 points left!) you only need 10 hearts to refill again to the point you can attack one more time! Also do as many DC as possible to get wines.

Hope it helped! Good luck! Smile
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