Getting started Guide and suggestions!

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Getting started Guide and suggestions!

Post by DawnWolf on Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:04 am

Updated: June 23rd 2015

Hello, everyone. I've been playing for some while now, and I thought about making a guide to make things easier for new players!

1. First R card:

When you begin the game, you are offered a random 4* R card (Rose, Lynn, Knightly or maple).


2. Making your first party:

At this point I should say that the game offers various events, or you might be lucky to get a good SR/UR card from silver or gold packs. The cards described below are the ones you might want to prefer making, ONLY if you haven't gotten a better card. If you have a party better than 6*SR skip to paragraph #3 .

Note: Your mage should be a healer! Considering this:

Step 1 (R+ team)
-Mage: Make an exorcist+
-Warrior: I'd suggest Light Warrior+ because you can also use this card for an SR craftable card.
-Thief: Sword Dancer+
-Archer: Devil Hunter+

Now you should have a party of R+ cards to help you continue with your game (you don't have to make a R card for the class of your starter class, but I'd suggest to do it because you'll need the card for step 2 anyway!)

Step 2: SR team....
-Warrior: Giant Warrior,
-Mage: Shaman (I'd suggest you make this even if you have another good mage... You'll need 2-3 total healers for your Hellgate party so a shaman could fill nicely until you get that many good healers)
-Archer: Hell Raider
-Thief: Demon Blader

The material card you'll need can be found here:

Equipment Notice: You should only use HP equipment on your party. You will be using only some of the higher ATK equipments (over +18 atk) later on the game, on cards that you won't have directly in your party. Those will be the cards attacking as the hellboss combo when you'll start trying for higher  rankings.. So for now.. Save High atk equips. and use HP equips on your party! Effective ways to farm decent equipment, further below in the Land Of Trials description!

3.Enchanting my cards (IMPORTANT)

Levels: Depending on the cards tier, the max lv is different. Specifically
N-R: 5~10
SR 5★: 13
SR 6★: 20
SR 7★: 25
UR 8-9★: 30

Carry-over stats
Carry over stats, are the bonus stats a card can get upon evolving.
Q1.How this works?
A1. Enchant BOTH material cards to LV 10 before evolving.

Q2.Why lv 10?
A2: At LV 10 you get the maximum extra stats you can get.

Q3: So if I level my card over lv 10 before evolving?
A3: You still get the same carryover stats.

Q4: If my cards are less than lv 10?
A4: If your material cards are at lv 1, you don't get any carryover stats... If they are leveled (but less than 10) you get some carryover stats but not the maximum you could..

So make sure to enchant cards you'll use before evolving
(Honestly though, you shouldn't waste resources on every card you'll get... I'd avoid enchanting R cards at all, since hopefully those should get replaced with SR quite fast.... Also if a card you have is unevolved, you really don't have to waste material getting it over lv 10)

Ways to improve in Spirit Stones:

         1. Daily Dungeon/Missions and the Land of Trials (accessible from lv 40 --> see below for more details on that!)
         2. Devil's Castle
         3. Hellgate
         4. HellBoss
         5. Battle
Missions and Daily Dungeon

Everyday, you can enter once the daily dungeon. There are three modes: Easy, Normal and Expert. (There is also a 4th difficulty -Chaos- that only appears on certain days).
Don't worry about losing in these dungeons. You can keep trying until you win. It is really fast to finish, and has gems and shards as rewards.
The daily gems can help you improve faster, but start doing hard mode as soon as you can to get shards. Shards are "Fuse" materials, that you will need to make some of the highest tier cards (that are not available in packs at this point!). They are really rare to drop anywhere else in the game, so between gems and shards, certainly prefer shards!!!

Devil's Castle

Now that you have a respectable quest party, you should be able to do Devil's Castle (even if you won't get until the last floor, you would collect some nice things before you get there!) Make sure to use a lot of HP equipment.

Possible rewards:


Hellgate team setup: In a HG team, you use 8 cards. Make sure you use 1 card of each class. Depending on your cards, you might need 2-3 healers (mages), and the rest of your cards should be using "create" (or superblock, hammer etc) as a skill.

HGs that have skulls tend to be harder, so choose wisely if you want to attck them in the beginning of the week. Make sure you have enough HP to withstand at least one hit from the lv 12 boss. You only get the 'good' rewards from the Lv. 12 gates. Levels 1-11 will only give you hearts.

Possible rewards from HGs:

  • Low Gates:
    Devil's Castle tickets
    wines/battle wines/hell wines
    Weekly reward card
    Gold tickets
    Atk equipment
    Random boxes
    Random SR card
    Boss cards

High gates:
The same as in low gates in larger quantities +

  • random UR card (No longer available)
    Hell Claw

HG should offer you better cards than the ones you have now, so for the rest, it will depend more on your drops.. Good luck!


It is similar to HellGates but instead of being restricted only to people in your friendlist, EVERY player in the game can attack! You get two different rewards. One depending on your damage and one depending on how many blocks you break. The weekly cards and equipment are the only rewards that change. The ammount of gems and gold tickets remains the same. An example of rewards:


Q1: I dont have strong enough cards to get high ranks. Should I use wines?
A1: No. If you can't do that much damage, using wines at this point will not improve much! You SHOULD attack ONCE every boss to get some gems, but save your wines for when you'll be able to reach top 10% or 5% the least.

Q2: What is the Special Boss:
A2: Every so often we see a special Boss. That simply means it has different (doubled) rewards than the regular boss...


Battle is made in a way that you get a standardized amount of battle points depending on what win streak you're into. So don't get discouraged if you see stronger players against you, and you can't do 8 win streaks. That's normal. The stronger you get the more win streaks you'll be able to do! I will suggest though you try to win 1 battle per day, just to save on battle wines and battle coins, for when you decide trying for better rankings. Before that happens though.. again, don't waste your resources.

Hope that helped. If anything should be added, please let me know! Smile

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Re: Getting started Guide and suggestions!

Post by DawnWolf on Mon Jun 02, 2014 1:42 pm

Hello. I don't want to edit the first post (it will look too big!) so I'm adding more things in another one..

Last updated June 23rd 2015
Using Gems

Things you can get with gems:
1. Cards (platinum packs)
2. Equipment
3. Special
5. Wines
6. Battle coins
7. DC tickets
8. Gold.

There are occasions that things from the shop might be needed and we get into the temptetion of using our gems. Not all purchases are worthwhile though. Here are some suggestions:

1. Avoid items you can drop in DC (Battle coins, gold and wines). I believe that's self explanatory. Those consumables can be found in DC rather easily, so using gems on them might not be such a good idea.

2. Cards: Avoid the 30 gem platinum packs. By prefering the other 2 packs (5+1 and 10+1UR) you actually save a lot! The best packs of these is the 10+1 UR since you know that you will get some decent results for sure (The 5+1 might not give you UR cards)

2.5 :p Popular packs: If you are still a beginner and in the need of many high tier cards, pop packs might prove to expensive for you. It is mostly suggested for end-game players that already have well established teams and cannot depend on the RNG of the platinum packs for certain cards that they might need to improve.

3. Equipment: Well... Ok... There are the equipment packs that could be useful for beginners. But on that point you only need HP equipment, and after you have reached level 40, you find the best equipment (shield of Aegis: 1500HP AND 20ATK) in Land of Trials! It is an extremely hard drop, but still... Well, anyways... You get the point... In packs you might end up with ATK equips and getting the best ones is really hard... Whether you spend gems on equipment or not, really depends on the cards you use...

4. Right timing: As in every game, Spirit Stones offers many events. Saving gems for such events (or promotions) is always a good idea.
Usefull events:
x2 and/or x3 UR event (in platinum packs)
2 UR guaranteed in the 10+1 pack
x2 and/or x3 UR event (in gold tickets) (Thins is a suggestion to save your gold tickets too)

Gems are hard to get for F2P players and not really cheap for those who might pay, so use them wisely. Again those are just some thoughts I have after playing for a decent amount of time. Hope it was useful! Smile

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Re: Getting started Guide and suggestions!

Post by DawnWolf on Thu Aug 21, 2014 1:10 pm

Last UPDATED: February 19th 2015
Farming for gold

Occasionally, certain events that require large amounts of gold are released (Such as silver rush! On that event you can get UR cards in silver packs!!!)... So it is suggested that you have as much gold as possible (for this kind of event you'd literally need millios of gold!!!)... Also you might even need gold just for some regular enchanting/evolving reasons... Well here are the best ways to grind for gold Smile  :

Well... after February's update the most effective way to farm for gold is only from Devil's castle! It works best when you can fully clear it! And you might get other good drops as well!

Some players do HGs and use the hearts to buy cards, and then sell the cards for extra gold. It might prove a usefull way of gold grinding. Though if you do this I'd suggest you keep certain cards as enchanting material (Blessing of princess, Smile of princess and Inferior Gunner - Inferior gunners have the best price per exp ratio in the game surprisingly-) and sell the rest!


There are certain UR cards you can make. It is really hard to get the material though so this will concern you after you've got a couple of UR cards!

How this works:
You need 3 t (treasure) cards and a craftable R to make a T (Treasure) card.
You need 1 T card and 3 other cards (SR and/or UR) to make the UR you wish for!
Details in-game, in "fusion info"

Where do I get the t cards?
There are 5 t cards:
1. Flag of Brikeaz (can be obtained by defeating stage 8-6-6 in Lysis many times)
2. Ocamel's feather (obtained in DC, gold and silver chests... It's the easiest one to get!)
3. Hell Claw (Can be obtained as reward for high HGs)
4. Champion's Laurel (Can be obtained in the higher rankings of battle)
5. Sekhmet's Heart (can be obtained in the highest ranking of broken blocks in HellBoss)

The new Fuse material (for 10* cards)
Shards: They can be found in the daily dungeons and the Land of Trials

Sooo...... Good luck with your drops Smile

Useful links:
of other players
Cards lists:

Drops lists (DC, gold packs etc):

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Re: Getting started Guide and suggestions!

Post by DawnWolf on Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:42 am

UPDATED June 23rd 2015


How does this work?
You can combine two lv 10 cards with same amount of stars to get a random card with an extra star (ex. trasforming 2 SR7* cards will give you an UR8* card). That costs you star stones (higher tiers require more star stones). There are 4 kinds of star stones that you need. Blue, Red, Yellow and Green.
Evolved cards can only be cpmbined with evolved cards.

Q.1. Where do I get the Star Stones
A.1. You get them by selling cards (R and above... the higher the tier of the cards, the more stones you get). The color of the stone depends on the card you sell.. So it will be yellow for thieves, green for archers, blue for mages and red for warriors.

Q.2. What is the difference tranforming two evolved cards, with transforming two unevolved cards?
A.2. If you transform two evolved cards, it costs you less stones.

Q.3. Are there 'recipes' for certain cards?
A.3. No... The card you'll get will be completely random!

Suggestions: You will need lots of both enchanting material and cards to sell, in order to make this work... I'd suggest you use princesses, N cards and probably some R cards for enchanting, and try to sell uneeded SR cards to get extra stones...

It appears, that green stones and yellow stones are the hardest ones to get. If you get any R or SR archers or thieves avoid using them as enchanting material... if you don't have any other use for them, just sell them instead!!!

Well good luck Smile

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Re: Getting started Guide and suggestions!

Post by twistedside on Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:24 pm

V8613852 add me


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Re: Getting started Guide and suggestions!

Post by DawnWolf on Wed Nov 05, 2014 11:44 am

twistedside wrote:V8613852 add me

There are dozens of topics to exchange codes and you actually write on the guides section?!....Please edit your post to somethibg relative or delete it. I wouldn't add someone who can't respect the effort needed for a guide and spam it.

Edit: Well, aparently it seems as if you either don't care, or just stopped checking this forum anymore... Anyways... If that's what you want, there's nothing I can do to change it... Good luck Smile  ...
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Re: Getting started Guide and suggestions!

Post by DawnWolf on Sat Feb 28, 2015 7:13 pm

Last updated: June 23rd 2015

Land Of Trials "An equipment paradise"

After Lysis a new, challenging, continent appeared! The Land Of Trials is here! BUT!! This is a special continent! Brikeaz and Lysis seem as part of the games storyline (even if it has been slightly neglected lately by the devs.) LOT on the other hand, exists simply as a challenge to players.

It consists of 5 parts (all of which have level requirements to enter)
1. Central Base (lv. 40)
2. Land of Ice (lv. 50)
3. Land of Lava (lv. 60)
4. Land of Heat (lv.70)
5. Land of Miracles (lv.80)

Each stage has a list of possible rewards it can give you. (So yes... in each stage you will be having different drops. You should choose what you want to farm, based on your needs)

Q.1. :What is worth in LOT?
A.1. :Equipments! If you think it's time to beef up your party, LOT is where you get what you need! In higher levels, LOT is also a good place to get shards for fusion!

Q.2. : What are the best equipments I can get?
A.2. : The current best equipment is the Shield of Aegis (+20 ATK AND +1500 HP). The first time you can get it in Central Base (yup! as soon as you reach lv. 40 Smile ) Specifically it drops from the Boss in stage 1-6-4.

Q.3. : Are those items farmable, or can they only be dropped once?
A.3. : They are farmable. The drop rates are rather low, though. It might require several tries before you can get the items you want. And especially Boss stages are really "stamina expensive" (120 stamina used in the stage you can get the shield!!!)

Q.4. : What other drops are there on LoT?
A.4. : Other than equipments, that would be the main reason to farm there, you can also get tons of enchanting material and fuse material (possible rewards are orb shards, that are needed to fuse 10* cards).

Hope this was helpful. If I should specify something, let me know!

Good luck with drops! Smile


"coming soon"

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Re: Getting started Guide and suggestions!

Post by Hasichen on Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:28 pm

Tips I would give for the beginning:

1. Start leveling, thats the best you can do at the beginning.
2. Youll get a Gold ticket soon, use it for a good new Card! (Later you should save your Gold tickets for Events or the second pack) Maybe the second and third too, depends on how much rare Cards you have till then.
3. Use gems for nothing but Cards! Never buy equip or anything else, youll have enough!
4. Buy ONLY Platinum Packs for 300 gems OR Pop packs (find them under summon --> Special).
5. Play Battle at least one time a week (for getting a gem every week). Youll have battle wine too much later, believe me Very Happy

I'm sure DawnWolf mentioned a few of These things, but I wanted to make this and other Details clear in a few short words. :-)


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Re: Getting started Guide and suggestions!

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