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Post by Fayze on Tue Oct 22, 2013 1:24 am

Welcome to the Spirit Stones unofficial forums!

First off, please thoroughly read through the rules of this forums before doing any posting. To ensure a safe environment for all our community members we encourage everyone to behave and follow every single rule listed here. Breaking the rules will result in a warning or worst case scenario the ban hammer.

1. No multiple accounts. Meaning one account per person please. If I find anyone with multiple accounts, I will ban/delete their alternative.
2. Offensive names and posts are prohibited. Please keep it PG as there are/will be minors roaming (this is the internet after all). Keep it clean!
3. Post under the right sections. Repeated offense will result in a temp ban. I do not want to continuously moderate each and every section to keep the forum tidy.
4. Absolutely no real money trading or any illegal activities allowed on this forum. This includes posting about them as well as private messaging.

Please keep in mind we are in no way affiliated with Gamevil in any way. Any technical problems or complaints you will have to directly contact them through their website/e-mail.

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